There I was, in my bandana, baking away. A little something my mom used to do and I sometimes do too.

Little miss came down with a matching bandana. "Mama, I help too."

A little piece for her to roll and roll and roll while I continue.

It's nice having a helper by my side.

A mom in her bandana, with her little girl in a bandana next to her.  Now, it's happening in a Maine farmhouse. 30+ years ago, it was in a Northern NY farmhouse and I was the child looking up to my mom.

Can't help but to smile as the tradition lives on.


  1. ���� I love your stories! Your an amazing woman and mother! Your sweet Audra is so blessed to have you as an example.

  2. So sweet!!! Enjoy making the memories!!! She is watching you mom!!



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