Not what was planned...

I'm on the "not what was planned" wagon again with this blog. I have so many pictures to weed through!

Thankful this time though.

Lisa from shared my hennies (find them here). As of right now, I have over 20 hennies flying the coop into Easter baskets. Which means I'm busy completing orders.

And it also means I will have a CRAZY 48 hours (late to bed tonight, 10 hour workday tomorrow at my day job, then making 6 loaves of bread bread and completing orders for another late night...crazy times!). 

My kiddos are no TV 99% of the time. I think tomorrow might be the 1% of time when they get to watch a movie. Although I admit, it's mighty hard seeing them all snuggled up...I shall resist the urge to join them. I am celebrating though...all these folks who have a love of handmades and want to fill their Easter baskets with hand stitched.

1 comment:

  1. Hennies would be a great addition to an Easter or Spring basket. Congrats on all of your activity. It means you're feeling fulfilled. Enjoy!



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