Winter will perhaps turn to spring?

There's still snow. Lots and lots of snow. The nice field view from my kitchen sink is now a view of a snowbank. I cannot even see the tops of the trees anymore from inside the house. My son looked at me with serious eyes the other day: "Mama, I'm so sorry I prayed for snow."
 It's okay. We've had a few warm enough days to actually get out there without being knocked over by the wind.
 A few days for us all to get out there.

 And warm enough evenings to stay out until bedtime.
 But, with the changing time this weekend, there is a promise of spring. Fruit trees have been pruned. Starting to go through my seedling supplies and the maple buckets will need to be cleaned soon. There's so much goodness in each season, I feel so fortunate to live where there are distinct seasons.

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  1. Wow! That tunnel looks like a lot of fun. Spring is around the corner, friend. Sending you sunshine today!



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