Meet Zip Zip Zippy

It's been a couple weeks since this cat just wandered into out barn and hasn't left. We tried to find the owner. No luck thus far. This cat has certainly settled in. I asked you for suggestions .We made a short list of your suggestions (thank you!). We tried them all out.  What has stuck is Zip or Zip Zip or Zippy or Zip Zip Zippy. 

I guess we have Zoom, Zip and Lucy now.  Three did that happen?

Quite fitting is "Zip", as this new kitty Zips to us super quickly. A cat under your feet purring type of cat. A cat who is just so eager for affection that a certain two year old can do whatever with no problem. A cat who runs up to Miss Audra, knowing there will be POWERFUL love in the form of tight hugs in uncomfortable positions for an extended period of time. (Seriously, if I was a cat, I'd stay away from Audra.)

Meet Zip Zip Zippy, or my best shot of getting two moving bodies to stay still. Meet the cat who somehow came into our lives and decided to stay indefinitely.
(I must admit, none of us mind one bit.)


  1. Wow! That's one big kitty! Love the chosen name!

  2. Cute. I would teach her to kneel down, and lift kitties rump up, but he's big!



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