Here I go again. Another month, another play space. I don't even realize how often I do this reorganization thing. I don't really set out to do it, I just randomly get inspired, and before you know it, everything is discombobulated and I am in the midst, wondering what on Earth I did, tearing things apart.

But, once it's all put back together, the newness is so marvelous. My kids play so much nicer, more in depth and more creatively.

I swear it's worth it.

This zone, inspired by $4.00 wooden cubes. These things are brilliant. They are movable and can be separated into 3 units. They can be bedside tables or a single unit. They can stack up or out. They can fit our fabric baskets or they can be open shelving. When we are done with them, they will organize our closets. They really are quite brilliant.

Plus, the price couldn't be beat.

 (Nevermind my seedlings in the back. Which may or may not make it with all the extra TLC someone gives them.)
 I added the BOG made tables and they really have been loving their little desks.
 Another little nook to encourage children to be children by playing. Exactly how we roll.  Now, who wants to create?

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