"Squeaks" Mini Mouse Playset

So...just last minute, I decided to design and whip up a new playset. Meet "Squeaks".  A cute little mouse who come with a pillow, mini quilt, a book and a little paper origami box. I have three for sale and will be up on etsy before the end of the day (is my hope!). It can still be shipped in time for Easter. I still have other miniature playsets that can be shipped in time for Easter too.  A perfect gift if you like handmade, upcycled and small productions.

Anyway, Miss Audra loves miniatures, so this is inspired by her likes of all things teeny tiny.

Here's the etsy description:

Meet "Squeaks".
Squeaks is a cute little bookworm, who enjoys snuggling with a homemade quilt, eagerly awaiting adoption.
Squeaks is hand crafted by a crafty mama and is inspired by my little girl who loves playing with things tiny.  Each mouse has at least some part of her upcycled (such as fabric/felt scraps, thrifted clothing, ribbons from gift bags, the interiors from laundered pillows, etc.), and therefore each may be a slight variation from the picture shown. They are upcycled to be environmentally conscious and to keep the prices down for the adoptive caretakers.
Each comes with one tiny mouse (3 inches long), an upcycled origami box (from paper bags), a miniature quilt, a small pillow and a book with actual pages!
This little mouse likes to be awake during the day, going on adventures with the caretaker is what Squeaks is looking forward to most.Come nighttime, Squeaks loves to be read to before being tucked into bed. It's the perfect set for tiny hands to enjoy.
Imaginative play, simple toys and creativity are such joys of childhood. Adorable moments of play are sure to be in your future with these little gems.
Won't you adopt Squeaks and give this tiny mouse a life of exploration and enjoyment?

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