Another Medly of Finds...

I think I hit the jackpot this time around.

Four little girl dresses.
Another little girl shirt/pants outfit.
An LL Bean little girl bathing suit.
Three hats for a little girl, one hat for a little boy.
(One can never have too many hats, right?!)
Two little boy t shirts that have fish on them (Wow! was the verdict).

(Seriously, how could one refuse the cuteness of summer dresses?!)

Plus Mouse's First Christmas (we seem to have a collection of these). Amazon priced $6.99.
 Mouse's First Christmas
Plus construction magnetic, which Amazon priced at $9.50
Create-A-Scene Magnetic Playset: Construction Site
All of that...for a grand total of $3.50. WOW, huh?!

And because my total didn't end up to be the five bucks, I thought I'd share an old deal that I got from the same thrift store a couple of years ago.  A brand new, not even worn, pair of Born shoes (that are quite worn now)...for $2.50.  These shoes are much more pricey new.

And the great part about them is that someone thinks they are just his size.
I need to hear some of your great deals too.  Have you been thrifting lately?  What have you gotten?

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