Repairing Diapers

A drawback of velcro diapers is the velcro eventually wears out.  Certainly it's handy to have velcro, as it's easiest to diaper a mover.  I thought I'd add some tips if you're in need of diaper repair.

First of all, don't expect it to be a quick project.  It likely took me about 30 minutes per diaper...most of that time ripping out seams.  Not the most fun project, but once done, it's nice to have the diapers in rotation.  

Be very careful with the seam ripper, as  you don't want to go too quick and leave holes.  The best way to rip out is on the velcro side.  Slit every 5th stitch.  Then pull the threads on the opposite side and the whole piece should come off in one piece.  It's a great project to keep in the car if you're the passenger.

I ended up just re-velcroing because that's what I had in the house.  You can also replace with snaps.  If you do replace with velcro, make sure you use polyester thread.  If you use cotton thread, it's absorbent, and there will be leaks outside of the diaper.

A walking foot and a heavy duty needle are helpful for ease in repair.

Although my little guy no longer wears diapers during the day, I'll at least be more prepared for baby #2 with 8 more diapers in the rotation.
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