Happiness is...

Happiness is...

A morning without rain, with temperatures that are warm, but not sweltering, perfect for important dumptruck related duties.

Followed by a whole day off together as a family...first one in 2 months.  A perfect day to take a little trip up the coast for some beautiful scenery.

Stopping along the way to appreciate bugs.  We do love bugs.

Wide open fields adjacent to the ocean, perfect for running fast.
Remembering our last trip here...with a two week old baby in our arms and appreciating how he's grown to be such a neat little guy.

Thinking how the next time we'll come, we'll have two little ones.

Smiling at how excited our little guy was that his shirt had boats and a lighthouse....just like what we were seeing.  Quite a bit of boat watching was on the agenda, which we didn't mind.
A bit of trolley excitement, greeted with enthusiastic "Wow"s reminded us of how awesome it is that we live here...where we can enjoy these pleasures on beautiful days...before the tourists take over.

But regardless of where we, we are the happiest when we're together (even if we're wearing a grouchy face for the camera).
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