Zippered Puppy Pouch (Free Pattern)

My last giveaway, I asked the recipient what her son was into.  She said puppies.  A kid who loves puppies is after my evidenced by the puppy hat and puppy crinkle toy.  I seem to be collecting puppy things.

It was a perfect opportunity for me to do some designing.  I've been wanting to make some tiny zippered pouches.  I had a tiny purple hippo one when I was a kid and my brother had a tiny frog one.  My mom used to hide notes or ice cream money in them for us, which we'd find as a surprise in our lunch box.

Here's the puppy one I created:

Here's the pattern.

1)  Cut two tan circles for front/back of pouch.
2) Cut four brown shapes for the ears. 
3) Hand embroider face on one of the circles.
4) With right sides together, stitch two ear shapes together, right sides together along all edges, except the edge with the x.  1/4 inch seam allowance allowed in pattern.  Turn inside out and press.
5) With cut edges together, pin ears in proper location on front of pouch.  
6) Place right sides of circles together. Stitch in a regular stitch over the ears, baste along zipper edge.  1/2 inch seam allowance allowed for face in pattern.  Leave bottom of pouch open for now.
7) Pin and install zipper carefully from ear to ear over basted edge.  It's tricky over the curve, so go slowly.  (I used about 5 inches of a zipper).
8) Pull basting stitches out and open zipper.  
9) Turn inside out and finish stitching the bottom edge.
10) Turn right side out and press. 

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