The Tiny Puppy Softie

It's safe to say I've made my share of puppy related stuff. 
Puppy hat
Puppy crinkle toy.
Zippered puppy pouch

Can't hurt to have one more, right?  How about a miniature little puppy, mama made?  My little guy was excited.  For this little guy, I actually used a pattern from a book I have "More Softies Only a Mother Could Love" by Jess Redman and Meg Leder.  I happened to find online while searching for something else the exact pattern that was in my book free online.  Here it is.

 But...I couldn't *just* make the puppy.  Hope to have the rest of the handmades all set to blog about tomorrow. :)  Stay tuned!

And here's my little guy with his puppy and a sneak peak for tomorrow.  There's a "eesh", aka "leash" attached to that puppy. 

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  1. That is very cute! He looks like he loves it! I would love to get into making Q some toys. Like you, I'm also on a bit of a hat kick right now though, and I have a few more I want to make first. :-P



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