For the love of anamalz...

I may secretly have spent my Christmas/birthday money on a toys I really really wanted for my little guy.  I was hopeful he'd be as excited as I was about these anamalz.  I think they're the cutest little things...all eco friendly from renewable products and hand painted in Australia. For a while, he could care less about them.  But lately, he's been playing with them a lot.  And I cannot help but watch him and smile.

Sometimes they get read to.

Sometimes they need to hop a plane to see Uncle Matt.

Sometimes they're transported by a truck to who knows where.

Sometimes, they're just hungry, nothing my little guy cannot fix.

Sometimes after my little guy goes to bed, I find them stashed in random places.  Like here.

When I see where he's left them...I stop and smile.  And leave them right where they are until tomorrow. For a house really becomes a home when a little one leaves their mark.

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