Experiencing: Dragonfly Nymphs

The dragonfly nymphs arrived!  If you're not a bug lover, you might think they're gross.  But we thought they were fascinating!

We had to bring a cooler to pick them up.  They came in a small container.  There were 50+ of them.  They were quite docile.
I was ready to get right to work with setting them free, but I'm thankful my husband suggested a little teaching first.  An image search brought up dragonflies.  Our little guy really understood they were babies and were going to turn into dragonflies.
For which he waved and greeted them repetitively, "Hi dragonfly.  Hi dragonfly.". He also enjoyed introducing us to the dragonflies over and over again, "Mama, dragonfly.  Dada, dragonfly."

We used a spoon to scoop them up, one by one.  We read that you need to place them next to standing water, 3 ft apart (or they'll eat each other!).  I thought it would be best to watch dada do all the work, as bending isn't my strong suit lately.
But that didn't last too long...as we heard "Wow, dragonfly!" and "Help dada" over and over again. 

 Alas we had a helper.  An enthusiastic one at that.
Posted by PicasaAnd now we wait, dreaming of the summer picnics accompanied by dragonflies and NOT mosquitoes.


  1. I wish K'port had something like this. That's awesome! May have to order some online next year.



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