Fish Bag (Free Pattern Included)

Remember the last sunhat I made? Well, scraps from that sunhat reminded me of a fish.  So, I made a zippered fish bag for my little guy.

All sorts of things have been and can be stored in this.  My little guy filled it with his favorite fishing game.

He's a big fan of carrying his "bag" when we go places, just like his mama.  
He also has been pretending to shop too using the wooden cart I made...he says "Bag shop" and off he goes to buy important things.  Like trains.  Shopping at home is the best, so he'd say.  No pants required.

 Here's the pattern.

Directions (1/2 inch seam allowance provided):  

1) Cut two fish shapes.  
2) With right sides together,  stitch on bottom edge from ends to the x.  Baste between the Xs.  Press open and install 7 zipper (Go slowly, the curve is tricky).  Remove stitches between the Xs.
2) Pin 8 inch strap in between right sides, matching cut edges, where the "bag handle" x is.
3) Finish stitching along edges.  Notch seams if needed around curves. Finish edges. Turn rightside out and press.

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