Flowers of the Season

If you're a reader, you know how I love fresh flowers, as I talked about them here and here.  I'm particularly a fan of flowers in season...grown and picked from our yard.  You know what I find most marvelous?  That my homegrown flowers picked at peak always seem to go together.  I ought to do a series comparing the medleys I get throughout the summer from our own yard.  I find it fascinating.  The first batch has come and gone.  It always seems to be the pink and white bunch, with tiny punches of purple (such as these).  Now, it's to the purples, whites and orange flowers.  In these bouquets, there's some hosta, ajuga, Jacob's Ladder, Violets, Lily of the Valley and three types of orange flowers that I don't remember or never knew what they are (my gardens are mostly 'friendship' gardens...a hodge podge of what others have shared with me...which if you're local, I'm happy to share!). 

Together, I think they make lovely bouquets. 

 There's something about a collection of home grown flowers on the dining room table.  It's like bringing the summer from the outside to the inside, the fresh fragrance and the colorful blooms filling the room with warmth. 
Picked from a farmstand, picked from one's own garden, picked on the side of the's one of life's simple pleasures I enjoy.
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