Bees and Butterflies; Dragonflies Coming!

I wrote about our apple trees and the awesome blossoms this year.  Well, these beautiful blossoms are bringing oodles of bees and butterflies.  Admitting this may earn me some quizzical looks, but I love, love, love bugs.  Always have.  I was big into entomology as a kid, my mounted and labeled bug collection making it all the way to state fair. I still love bugs.  I could spend the day just watching the activity at these flowers.  These creatures are so tiny and amazing.  I'm excited my little guy enjoys watching them too.  I'm also equally as excited that today is dragonfly pickup day.  We ordered dragonflies nymphs a couple months ago and we're very excited to get them settled into their new home.  We hope they enjoy snacking on our mosquitoes so the mosquitoes will not be snacking on us.  Yes, I am quite excited for the dragonflies to join our little homestead.
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  1. Wow, these pictures are really beautiful. Nice! Where does one get dragonfly nymphs? Never considered doing that.

  2. Thanks for the compliment! Our neighbor has done dragonflies for years and we can order them from our chamber of commerce. You have to have a swampy standing water area near your house, which I guess we're fortunate enough to have. We shall see how they work!

    1. Oh, and PS...where is your month long vacation to? A month of a vacation sounds fab!

  3. Ah, well, we don't have swampy standing water near our house. I guess that's good in that we don't have tons of mosquitoes, bad in that we can't have dragonflies.

    We're in Paris! My mom is French, so I've been coming here almost every year of my life for...forever. The little guy is adjusting okay so far and I'm excited to show him this beautiful city! I've been neglecting my blog because our main computer isn't working right now. But since I'm using our laptop in Paris, I'll be uploading pictures to it and will probably get a post out soon. Maybe not craft related, though :)



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