Apple Picking: 2013

Here's 2012.
Here's 2011.

And 2013, here you are. 



And I must say we're apple consumption champs.
Apples with peanutbutter.
Apple brownies (recipe in recipe index above).
Justin's Favorite Apple crisp (recipe in recipe index above).
Apple pie. 
Baked apples.
Ice cream with apple butter.
Homemade bread with apple butter.
Spiced apple bars (A new recipe to blog to blog about this weekend, created by me).

Canned sliced apples.
Canned applesauce.
Canned apple pie in a jar. 
Canned apple butter.
Canned apple juice.
Fermented apple cider vinegar.
Frozen apple juice popsicles. 

There must be more that we've been doing if I was a better thinker right now.  So many options with apples.  We're not appled out yet, not even close.  How about you?  How do you eat your apples?

If you need help prepping your apples, I know the perfect helper.  He'd rent out his services, I'm sure.  You see, he's earning for his Jersey cows.  Wonder if he'd share his apples with them?  Anyway, happy apple season, readers!


  1. Now that is the way to have fun while you work. Beautiful. B

  2. The photos are just beautiful. Yes, we love apples every which way as well and this post reminds me how far behind I am in preserving them. :) Caramel Apple Jam is also on my list!



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