Fall leaves.

Fall leaves paired with little ones.  A perfect match, yes?  We really don't need to rake, as the wind just blows them away.  But I took advantage of the littered lawn and raked before they were gone.  Besides, I wanted to keep some for mulch next year anyway. 

Onto the pictures. 

Take 1:  Scene is early evening before nap.  He's an expert.  Most all my pictures are blurry of him, as he just kept going.
 Baby girl? She wasn't going near those leaves.
 I sort of put her in them.
 She sat for 10 seconds and then stood up.  That was a terrible idea, communicated very clearly.

 Someone didn't notice and kept going.
 After watching him a bit, she thought there must be something to this leaf thing.

She joined in by organizing them.  She removed them by hand time and time again and made a new pile.
 But when the dog entered the scene, she was *finally* brave enough.

I could watch them all day.

 But wait, someone is coming.  Who could that be?
 And then this happened.
Round one was quite memorable.

 Scene 2:  The next morning, after breakfast.
So not scary anymore.
 I could totally watch them all day.  But I did for just a few...and then I jumped in and played too.


 Raking leaves.  One of the very best parts of fall.  For sure.


  1. How precious is that?! Love how your baby girl got over her fear and learned to dive right in. I'd love you to share this on the Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Nice series of photos of the children in a mountain of leaves!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  3. Oh that looks like so much fun I can here the giggles and that little cry:) Oh your photos make me smile. B

  4. So sweet! And so true that it can be a lot of fun. :) We finally, after 2 months of raking, are without leaves. We actually have snowflakes this morning......

  5. I love all your photos but especially the one of Audra in bawling. I don't know why. It just brought out the mommy memories in me and made me smile...still smiling. This was a sweet picture story!

  6. Awwww! I'm so glad she got over her fear and learned how much fun it is to play in a pile of leaves. Her peachy colored sweater is so adorable by the way!

  7. I love how the pictures tell a story. How neat. You have the prettiest children--and your house is gorgeous too!

  8. You did all this...in one year?? That is imaginative and ambitious! I might have gotten the flooring pulled up and the 2 cute goats in that time. It's a lovely property, I'm very happy for you all.
    I was playing in a pile of leaves just yesterday and know how much fun it is too: though the city workers who raked them up mightn't have been as happy as I was.

  9. Wow what a ton of work. Leaves are always so fun for small ones. LOL they just make me think work work getting rid of them.



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