One thing after another...

It's one thing after another lately.  I don't mean to become worried, anxious, nervous, frustrated, impatient...but it happens.

And then I see this, just randomly hanging out on the kitchen table that I still haven't gotten around to wiping after breakfast.

 And just like that, my mind stops.  I smile.  And I replace those negative thoughts with much, much better thoughts.

Such as morning coffee breaks from haying with my little farmer.
 Hanging with my kids mid day.
Evenings in the garden.

 All the times in between when I lose her.
 And find her exactly where I'd expect to find her.  With an animal....
Or two.
What was that I was stressing about?  I can't remember when I fill my days with that which matters.

Today is:

Next Wednesday is:


  1. Your kids are gonna have some fantastic memories of growing up. Continued blessings...

  2. Oh you have the two best stress relivers in the world. Take care and let their smiles keep you smiling. B

  3. :-D Seeing a pig in the passenger seat would make me smile too.

  4. I hate it when I let myself get impatient and frustrated and it shows. I have to fess up to it right away and immediately take a breather!

    Your farmer looks so sophisticated with his coffee cup :) And I love how you always find your girl with an animal. A girl after my own heart!

  5. So cute and so true! The photos crack me up - especially the serious coffee drinker. Just like a real farmer taking his morning break. :)



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