Thrifted. And Randoms.

Still doubling up on the thrifted posts.  I haven't shared as many as I had intended with you all.
This again was another of the 'expensive' thrift stores. 

Vintage wooden child size chair.
Alphabet wooden puzzles, all pieces present.
Some fab books.
$10.00.  Still a deal, even at the more expensive thrift shop.

 But this deal is better.
New slippers for mama.
3 yards of pinstripe.
4 yards of waffle fabric.
Three things of floss/string.
Wooden tool box in the back.

And randoms.

It's so not typical to be able to play with her and just her.  Every now and then big brother is sleeping when she's up. It's fun to see what she gravitates towards when there's not a boss guiding/preventing every more.  She loves animals too.

It's fun to watch her intent and focus.  Without doubt, sheep are her favorite.  They make her giggle in real life and she enjoys finding the little sheep to play with.
And she looks pretty cute next to our new chair.
And this boy?  He'd stack wood all day long.  It's one of his favorite hobbies.  He's one of a kind.
I just love watching them grow. It's interesting to follow their lead and see where they end up.  So much fun, indeed.


  1. Great thrift finds I love that kind of shopping. Oh your kids are so adorable they make me smile and I am sure everyone else who are lucky enough to follow them around in the day. Lucky Mom you:) B

  2. Great finds. I've been on the lookout for rain boots too but the ones I've found in the size I need have been too worn so far.

  3. Lovely pictures! I absolutely adore that wood chair... so awesome.

    My girls like to haul wood from the woodpile when we're at the lake... it's a favourite activity.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  4. Awesome finds! She does look really cute next to that chair :)

  5. It's not often we get treated to a post about her.:-)



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