Well, I did it again.

I did it again.  Crammed waaaay too much in the day so that by the time I sat down to blog tonight, I'm pretty much out of time.  Let me give you a run down of the day.  Even by my standards it's been full.

-Good morning.

-Double batch of apple cider donuts with my littles, one for freezing and one for gobbling up.  (Yes, I'll share the recipe soon).
-Three loads of laundry washed and folded, of course with my littles.
-A four hour job of replacing the 12 ft.screens from our screen porch with walls and windows for winter.  Loooong and heavy two person job job.  With much scooching trying to fit the old things in. Climbing ladders, getting things to fit.  Old house love.  Much of that time I had a baby on my back and was trying to involve a 3 year old with as much 'appropriate' helping jobs.  Or I was trying to involved two littles.  Goodness, they were good.
-A marvelous Halloween party with my Maine Besties and our families. Brought along some pumpkin whoopie pies (yes, I'll share the recipe). Car ride just long enough to finish stitching my latest project (Yes, I'll be showing you soon).
-Two littles asleep in the car just long enough to pick a huge bag of apples and veggies from the garden (still going strong!) for dinner.
-My littles helped me make a 24 egg fritatta.
-My littles intermittently helped me with washing and preparing those apples before bedtime routine of tidying, baths and oodles of books about farm animals, naturally. 
-After they were asleep, I finished making 14 qt of applesauce and kept a few quarts of the juice, which is now in sauce pots waiting to be canned.
-And now I have lost my steam to bring you what I was planning to bring you.  Don't learn from me, I crammed too much into one day and am ready to crash.  Not smart.  Regardless, I want to bring you something to begin the work week, so I shall bring you this:

Two of my loves.  Goodness, they love each other.  She can turn his eyes to a puddled mess of tears of love.  She frequently says "I want dada" or "Dada up".  She wants to know if he's at work.  "She says "Dada" and signs "work" out of the blue when he's gone. She sprints to him when he comes home. When asked, she always says her best part of the day is "Dada maaa"....when dada brings her to the goats. Anytime he has a frown, her sweet demeanor always turns his frown upside down.

Yes, today was a busy day, indeed.  But I didn't go so fast that I missed tiny special moments.  And there were so many of them today. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I locked our eyes, both of us emerging into a big smile, both of us communicating the same nonverbal message. "Did you see that?  Couldn't your heart just explode? Is this the life you always wanted to have?  Can you believe we're so blessed?" No words needed, just a look between two loving parents, silently communicating how grateful we are.  Doesn't get any better than that.  I really am blessed.


  1. Awww, how sweet is that. Your last paragraph just made my day. So happy for you...

  2. Oooo, What a lovely photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  3. Those photos are priceless. Just the sweetest thing ever! You packed so much into your day I can't even believe it. Super mom! :)

    PS - Can't wait to hear more about those apple cider donuts!

  4. The fact that you were able to turn out a sweet blog post after a huge (and I'm sure, exhausting) day like that is amazing!

  5. These pictures are awesome! And I can't believe your epic day! I don't do that much in a week!

  6. my goodness - you are incredible! And the way you incorporate those beautiful kids into your projects is amazing. I'm sure it can be difficult, time-consuming, and oh so worth it, all at the same time. :) Can't wait for the recipes! The photos and last paragraph are so lovely. So happy you shared.

  7. Oooh, I can't wait for the apple cider donut recipe! We had a Halloween party this past weekend too.

    Love the photos. So very cute.



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