Those goats. (An update)

So, our goats "John Deere" and "McCormick Farmall" have been here a month now. (Did you miss their grand arrival?  Look here.) It's like we've always had them.  We all love having them so much.  If there's a kid missing, they can be found with the goats.  Audra says "I want maaaa".   Adrian says "I'm a good farmer. I take care of my goats."  Even my husband is smitten.  They're kind, gentle, spirited and fun.  Did I mention we love them?  Here's some shots of our goats the first month on the farm.

They even help him with his new favorite pastime, collecting 'wood' for our fireplace. 
 We got them as pets for our little Adrian and also to clear land.  They have done an amazing job!
The old 'mothering' pasture is next to the barn. The mama cows would calve here, so the previous owners could keep tabs on them.  It is still so overgrown that you can't even walk through there.  It's all raspberries and wild roses too-thorny messes. I've been following the goats daily to clip with hedge sheers what's left after they eat the leaves. Lots has been cleared, but goodness, there's much to go.  This is what the pasture looks like.  Probably a couple acres of this.
 And this is what goats do to that jungle. Amazing, huh?! (Also take note the new windows in the barn on the left.  The BOG made pressure treated windows to fit the spaces.  He used old glass that was here before.  He's done finished the rest, just waiting to install. How awesome is that?!).
 This run right here will be for the chickens.  We haven't been letting them out because a couple got stuck in that thick brush.  As soon as we can figure out how to get that door open (it won't budge), we'll have a chicken run.  How marvelous is that?!
This is what it looked like the beginning of summer. I wish I would have taken a picture of the end of the summer mess before the goats took charge.
 Thankful they're still up for the job. It's a mighty big one.
I have a feeling we will always have goats on this farm now.  We're hooked.  Every picture I post of them, I think "Wow, they really belong here."
 As for my little farmers, they're thrilled, indeed. (Note the magazine he's reading, given to him by our friends at the local feed store.)
But of course, this one still has his mind on what's next to come.  All in time, little guy.  All in time.

Don't forget to check out the Homemade Living Series.  Staci, Daisy will be returning with fabulous posts and we welcome my personal pal, Sue to the mix.  Check them out!

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  1. I LOVE goats. Oh, I just can't wait to have a larger piece of property so we can bring a goat or two {or three, or four....} into our little family. Our neighbor has them and they are just amazing. What a great job they've done on the brush! Your property looks amazing and I can't wait to see what your little farmer brings to the farm next. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! What wonderful photos and I LOVE your goats!!! I wish I could have a couple. Great, now I have to convince my condo board to allow me to have chickens AND goats.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  3. I love that Adrian is reading Progressive Farmer! That cracks me up. I have always wanted goats, but your sweet goats make me want my own so bad! Or I guess I could say baaaaad. Haha ;)

  4. Thank for welcoming me to the handmade living series.

    So many wonderful farm photos today! Now that the goats have wedeled their way into your hearts you'll never be the same. It's great when they do something because they are just being goaty and doing what they love, and you benefit from it. That's a match made in heaven, right there, my friend. :-D



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