Mama Made: Her new coat (Vintage/Upcycled)

Did you miss his new coat?  Click here.

And now it's time for her new coat. I love making outerwear for my kids best, as there's nothing that will get more use than a coat living in Maine.  (Note: I used a too big hanger to take this pic, which makes it look like the collars are uneven.  They are not in real life, it's bugging me in the picture.)

 I made it big, hoping to let the seams out as she grows.  Here's the details.

 Vintage thrifted buttons.  Thrifted fabric. Thrifted pattern.
 A little puff to the sleeves, Anne of Green Gables would be envious.
 Some mama embroidery.
 It's lined with my husbands old coat.  He was going to toss because the zipper was broken and it wasn't his favorite coat anyway.  Can't have that.
 It's really warm.
 I gave you a sneak peek of the pattern when I showed you my craft room.

And I love the finished product.

 I'll take you through the steps of trying to get a little model to actually model.  She was busy.  With the bunny.

 With buckets she found inside (ash buckets to be exact).

 But then she ventured outside.
 And found her outside buckets.  (She loves buckets, talks about them regularly.) 

 But then there was a dog to chase.

It's tiring trying to catch this one!  Like her brother's coat, I want this one to serve as a Halloween costume too.  I'm thinking of what to do to make it into a costume.  If you have any ideas, run them by me. 


  1. She looks lovely in het new coat!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  2. Jackie- that's about the most adorable thing ever! She looks beautiful in it. :)

  3. Beautiful work. She looks adorable in it. You are very inspiring.

  4. Wow you are truly talented I LOVE it and she looks adorable. B

  5. Too adorable! I love everything about this coat, especially that it is lined with her dad's old coat. So sweet and thoughtful. Great job!!!

  6. All I can think of is a Victorian porcelain doll. With a bonnet, black tights, boots, rosy cheeks and lips, and that adorable jacket, she would look so sweet! You could add a wig of curls made from the dolls curls they sell at fabric/craft stores or instead of a wig just sew the curls strategically around the brim of the hat. Well, she does look awfully sweet in the coat without all that other stuff. Good job!



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