Tangent. Thrifted. Random.

1) Tangent.

It's late again.  After midnight. I should go to bed.  But, I'm writing you first. 

Today was quite a day.  A long day of work that I had seemingly seconds only to eat my lunch, paired with 3 hours of paper work/work Emails to do once home.  I saw my husband for 8 minutes total. Sweet girl has been up three times since I put her down for bed. She's asleep in my arms again and I don't dare put her down. Those teeth are relentless. I have unanswered Emails. Blogs that I want to get to, but I just haven't. The table still isn't wiped from dinner.  The flowers in the vase are dead.  There's three loads of laundry that need to be folded.  My house is not tidy. And I'm tired. Balancing it all is sometimes hard.  Some days are just hard.  Today was hard.

But, I write you...why???

Because when I write, I look back and shake my head.  I think, why on earth am I focusing on what's hard when I have so many blessings?

I am confident that I helped kids today at work.  Today in particular, I know I helped a lot.  The paperwork is annoying, but I gave my time for the benefit of others.  And they're thankful and we're all celebrating.  And my kids had a great day with their dad and grampy and couldn't wait to tell me about it.  That's a celebration right there.

I have the most marvelous home to come home to.  Filled with good food (although leftovers), fantastic animals and amazing kids.

When I got home, I came home to cheers from my littles.  I hear from one, "Mama, I'm so happy you're home. I love you, mama!  You're my best mama in my world."  And I hear from the other, "Up, mama". 

And then I hear "Mama, I want to read oodles of farm books." 

And just like that, we're snuggled in early, learning about saddles and pastures and Holsteins. 

And when she's not feeling well, she wants me. I can make everything all better for her. And I get a warm body, a fuzzy head and those rhythmic breaths against me. 

And then I wonder what what was hard today?  I've forgotten.

2) More thrifted posts.  My $5.00 weekly splurge. That's all I allow myself with the owning two homes thing.  Saving for Christmas an the like. Again, backed up with much I haven't shown you. 

Vintage microscope, giant puzzle and vintage dishes.  $5.00.

Two games for when they're older, two like new pairs of shoes for them to grow into, a pair of baby shoes that I couldn't refuse and a whole magic kit, book included.  $4.75.

3) And for the randoms.

-The frost still hasn't been tough enough to get the garden completely. I thought the peppers were done, and went out to pick a five gallon bucket.
-But we did bid farewell to the last of the cucumbers in the fridge.   (Goat cheese, dates and fresh basil-yum!).
 -I thought I had a huge patch of Japanese Lanterns.  Instead they're tomatillos. 
 They're all over out there. How marvelous is that? Next year hope to pick them before they pass.
 -And potatoes.  Haven't grown them since I was a kid.  I randomly threw in some red bliss. Cutting two potatoes at the beginning of the season and planting them yielded a five gallon bucket.  Adrian said digging tatos was the happiest part of his day.   We will be planting more potatoes next year, I've forgotten how delicious they are.  And easy too.  I mean, we do live in Maine and potatoes are a Maine thing. Next year...
 And these kids loooooved digging them.
 And preserving.  And collecting squash.  Yup, a bit of that here and there.
 And some pumpkins.  And the last of the sunflowers.
 And eggs. Goodness, eggs.  Those girls are laying up a storm.
 -I've been trying to keep a steady supply of mini muffins for on the go snacks.  Sometimes we have had crackers, and I'm trying to eliminate that when we're on the road.  I have containers filled with mini muffins in the freezer.  I grab an assortment before we leave and they're unthawed by the time we need them. Zucchini and banana muffins here.  Cranberry orange and pumpkin muffins coming up this week, I hope. (Recipes above).
 Fall is so lovely here. I mentioned to my husband that I haven't noticed the leaves enough this year.  So, I snapped a quick picture in transit as a reminder.  Don't let time go so fast that you miss the little things, Jackie. 

So now that I have written a book, I shall go to bed and remember all that's grand.  That right there is why blogging is so good for me.  If you made it through all that, thank you for being a reader and tolerating my stream of consciousness. :)



  1. Your cup runneth over, and that's a good thing!

  2. Oh you do it so well I am amazed at all you do with lovely children running about and spending all the time with them. I remember those days and you are doing an incredible job. So worth it. B

  3. I should have visited your blog before I PMed you. You have a lot on your plate for sure, but you've got the idea. Focus on the blessings. The grin on Adrian's face in potato picking photo made me smile too. He's having such a great time. Blogging after midnight is a new concept to me. You are strong.

  4. So wonderful to look at the blessings in the midst of the frenzied. You are so blessed... I just love your posts, your pictures, your sweet family, completely awesome.

    Some great thrifty finds you have there! You're getting quite the collection of vintage dishes, aren't you?!

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  5. It's so sweet how your kids can just make your hectic day disappear. I'm sure if I came home to a little one telling me how much he missed me, my heart would melt as well :) I always love your thrifted finds. Cool microscope and plates!



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