Thirfted. Randoms. Camera Cleaning.

1) Thrifted. These are more thrifted finds from the summer I never shared.
-Books, including the brand new Curious George treasury.
-Wooden cup.
-Four vintage dishes.
-Two pairs of size up shoes.
-Miniature doll laundry basket.

-Vintage ash bucket.  
-A couple yards of red fabric.
-Random patterns.
-Brand new size up shoes.
-Two packs of brand new T-shirts that are just screaming for some decorating. 

2) Randoms

-I get in these canning phases and go crazy.  And then I do such a crazy amount that I never want to see a canner again.  I did 30qt of pears last Sunday, before noon.  And then 4 qt. of juice.  And then I quit.  And there's still a whole bowl full of grapes in the fridge that will just keep chilling there, as I have no umph to do anything with them.

-I'm reading a book about raising livestock.  Did you know chickens have 30 or so different calls/communications.  Okay, so maybe this is just interesting to the speech-language pathologist in me, but I found that interesting.

-My little guy is listening to "Farmer Boy" every night before bed.  His first chapter book.  He loves it.

-Sweet girl is in a horse phase.  I've read this book on horses at least a thousand times.  She likes finding the tails, manes, halters, saddles, eyes, etc.  I've sort of run out of what else I can say about these pictures, but she doesn't seem to mind.

-I've finished painting one coat of the three seasoned walls that go in  our screened porch.  It needs more than one coat, but I have allowed myself permission to accept that one coat will be sufficient this year. 

-I made pumpkin whoopie pies tonight.  And they are fabulous.  And my sweet boy said that his favorite part of his day today was baking with mama.  Melt.

3) Serious and silly faces I found from last month of the littles I love.  Her dress was a wonderful gift from my friend at Created Custom.


With that, I am off, but not before wishing you a lovely weekend.


  1. Lovely photos of the children!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  2. Your posts always leave me smiling from the beginning to the end and then all day. B

  3. I'm loving that vintage ash bucket! Awesome find. I had heard before about all the calls that chickens have. And I love to listen to my chickens and point out what all their different calls and sounds mean. I know them so well now that I can pick out which hen from our 16 is making the sound! And I can tell the roosters' crows apart as well :)

  4. I agree that the chicken chatter fact is very interesting. I had no idea - when we had animals as a child I just didn't pay attention to things like that. Now, as an adult, I find just about everything about animals interesting and amazing. Love the kids' photos and that's too sweet about the Farmer Boy book and the horse phase. Hooray for the whoopie pies!! :)



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