Homemade Living Take 3: Eat.

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Is it Post three in this series already?  My how time flies. I guess it's a little more "getting to know me"...today's subject being "Eat".

Warning.  There will be a lot of talk about food.  Many recipes are listed above in the "recipe" tab. If there's something you'd like to know just ask.

I'm sitting here beginning to compose at 11:11pm.  Why so late?  Because I just completed a double batch of oatmeal raisin cookies.  I like for my husband to have a homemade treat when he comes home.  I also have everything prepped for the crockpot for tomorrow.  A ginormous batch of potato, cabbage and carrot soup. All grown here.  Our garden to table, that's how I like it best.  Yes, I ought to be sleeping, as I am working tomorrow.  But food is something I'm passionate about.  So it's worth the lost sleep, I hope.

If you've been a reader long enough, you know that I am a bit..well...intense about that which we eat.  I try to grow and prepare as much as we're able.  Although I would gladly be a vegetarian if it wasn't for my husband's love of meat, we do consume some meat and that meat doesn't usually come from the supermarket.  We don't usually eat from boxes or packages, with the exception of a monthly pasta meal or crackers with a spread around the holidays.  I've even cut out cereal for breakfast.  I'm not saying the way we eat is what fits for everyone.  But for us, I aim to grow/raise or for each thing I buy to have only one ingredient.

If you would have told me we would be where we are at today with most everything made from scratch, I would have said 'yeah right'.  Because we weren't even close when we first got married-7 1/2 years ago.  I remember looking in my grocery cart after our weekly trip and thinking...do I really need to buy all this stuff?!  I set a little challenge to myself.  I decided to pick one thing from the cart and see if I could work towards doing without it.  No time frame, just working at my own pace to reduce my weekly spending. Lots of trial and error, but working towards a goal.

I started with eliminating paper napkins and heading the cloth route.  And then paper towels.  And then I was hooked. From that point forward, I have been picking something and working at it.  7 1/2 years later, I am still at it.  I have a ways to go, but I'm gradually becoming more homemade and more self sufficient.

Here's the kinds of things I've worked on eliminating and making my own.  Dessert is my ultimate fave, so of course that's in the mix.  But, these are all things I've gotten rid of and I now make on our own.

Many frozen/canned fruits/veggies.  We eat a lot of fruits/veggies..so we try our best to grow/preserve/eat our own throughout the year.  And eggs.  And meat mostly from my dad (who is a hunter).  That's the bulk of our diet.  Here's what else we eat:

Brownie mixes
Soups in a can (I used to eat Campbell's chunky regularly)

Pie crusts in a box

Cake mixes


Store bought bread
Holiday rolls

Cinnamon rolls

Store bought English Muffins

Packaged rice mixes
Hamburger helpers (my husband loves these!)

Salad Dressings


Bisquick for waffles/pancakes

Replacements for breakfast cereals

Nutrigrain bars

Granola bars

Bread crumbs

Hamburger buns



Chocolate sauce


And non food items:
-All household cleaners
-Laundry soap/fabric softener/dryer sheets

Pizza sauce

Pizza crust



Working on:

Coffee Creamer (we still occasionally buy/occasionally make)

Vinegar (my first round is going so awesome!)

Ketchup (first time, kids approved)

More variety of salad dressings

In the future I want to work on:



Sweetened condensed milk

I'm sure there's more to all categories...and the list goes on...

So, you see, I haven't always been crazy. It's been a gradual process of eliminating something and working towards more from scratch living. 

And now the challenge...can you do the same?  Can you look in your shopping cart the next time you are at the store and identify one thing to work on eliminating?  I know you can do it! 

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  1. I've heard homemade mayo is fantastic - my dad makes a version with chipotle peppers that he swears by, but I haven't tried it yet.

  2. Love this post Jackie and super jealous of all the things you can make homemade! I've been working on it slowly myself, and I know one day I'll get there!

  3. This is so awesome! I love how you said it was a gradual process and you didn't get to where you are overnight. Sometimes I get discouraged that I'm not able to grow and make everything we eat, but I have to realize I've only been on this journey for a couple years.

    I've made mayo before, and it's delicious! I never liked store-bought mayo, but since I have my own fresh eggs now I thought I'd try making it homemade to see if it tasted any better. And it does! I don't know how to store it, so I just make a small batch enough for the meal I need it for.

  4. Good for you!! Don't you just love the challenge and reward of it? I love to see my list get smaller...and smaller...and there's nothing better than heading out to the garden to see what's for dinner. :) Seeing your bread picture reminded me that I must try your bread recipe. That's on my list of to-do's for next week!

  5. This is an amazing list! Your bodies will be so thankful. You are building your family's future selves. Whether you are eating food-like chemical products or healthful foods it all contributed to your future selves. Imagine how much healthier you will all be without years of artificial flavours and colourants, preservatives and all the fillers that manufacturers use to make their processed foods cheap and shelf stable. Hmm... I can be a bit intense about food too. :-) Good job, girly!



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