At play

So, I guess this post is a continuation from yesterday's.  I started to talk about their play and that got me thinking some more.  Goodness, I love watching kids at play.  It's even more remarkable watching one's own little ones at play.

The subject of their play is what I find most entertaining.  Kids most often play that which they see.  Except for when we were moving (which was almost a year ago), my kids really haven't watched TV on my watch.  Their ideas are either from books or from the people around them.  I find them acting out the things I do regularly.  Which I find entertaining.

My favorite thing that he does is babywear.  If I have a baby on my back, he wants the same.  If I have a front carry, he wants the same.


 I found another clothes drying rack (thrifted for $5.00).  We didn't need it, but I was thinking of how fun they'd have 'helping' with laundry. 
 They love it.  One for each of them.
 He spends a lot of time farming.  Building fences, haying, stacking hay, feeding animals.
 He had to get this fence done to keep that horse in.
 And stacking wood.  He loves to stack wood. I mentioned that yesterday.  We're outside and he's taken it upon himself to get ready for winter. Here's what he found and stacked, all on his own. This has been an ongoing process all week.

 And here he is, trimming the dog's nails.

And canning. He loves to play canning. Here he is driving to the store to get more canning lids.  In a John Deere, of course.
Canning is a big job, you know.

It's stored for winter here.
And while I did put a stop to this play, the thought of him doing it makes me smile.  He was putting away our real eggs in his play kitchen.  He was going to make cupcakes.
He's so much like his mama. He found this picture of a drum in a book.

Focused for a whole hour putting stickers on it. 
And made a fantastic drum.

Sweet girl, although isn't quite at the pretend stage, definitely busies herself doing chores like mama.  She loves to organize laundry. And transfer laundry from washer to dryer, dryer to basket.

Give her a wet cloth and she will wash anything in sight.
She also enjoys feeding the animals, multiple times a day.
It seems that I've rambled along enough about my kids and their play.  I don't even know how many of you have read this far.  Every kid has their own play interests, so I'm not telling you anything new.  I think the point I'm trying to make is I feel blessed.  Blessed to have had the time to teach, show and be with them.  Blessed that they love to be around me and love to do what I do.  Blessed that I have had yesterday and blessed to have today.  We're never sure what our future holds.  But I do know that right now, I have this minute of being with them, watching them, enjoying them.  So I'm going to soak it all in, love every minute, and keep my babies close in all that I do.  And today, I'm going to join in and play too.


  1. Observing your kids at play can be pretty satisfying for sure. And it helps you to know just how much they are capable of. I loved the canning photos and going to the store for more lids. It's not like that has ever really happened. lol

  2. I just love all these glimpses of play. Your LO using a carrier is adorable!

    Wishing you a lovely day.



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