Feed Store Fun.

 Some bring their kids to the toy store.  Us?  We bring ours to the feed store. In John Deere apparel, naturally.  Goodness, they both love looking at the feed, the wood shavings, the hay, the forklift. They both talk about it long after we've been.  Adrian really wants to take cow feed home (ummm....we have now cow) and Audra loves to point to all the sheep (her fave).

They were having a little festival and they invited Adrian to sell his bread to earn money for his cow.  (Thank you to everyone's kindness!)

And there was a blue grass band.

 But that which was most exciting were the steers. Two teams.  And you'd think we gave our kids the moon.  Audra kept saying "I want moo. I want moo." And we'd try to slow her down from sprinting back and forth between them.  It's hard to get good pictures of her because she moves so fast!  But I tried.

 And Adrian spent his time grinning, and dreaming of having his own.

 They were a little scared of sweet girl, but she had no fear.

 He also has no fear.  Instead, such admiration and longing.
 And this grin didn't leave his face.

I may have went *slightly* overboard with the pictures, but come on now...isn't this grin irresistible?

And this picture?  I think I need to frame it.
And you know what he got to do?  He got to lead these guys. 
Probably the highlight of his life.

 He already has the yoke, he just needs steers.  Come spring, little guy.  We hope to get you your own team. 
 I never imagined I would be raising a pair farmers. But that's where their interest lies.  Proud to be doing so.  My heart is happy watching my little farmers enjoy that which they love best.


  1. Oh you are raising wonderful farmers and the world will be better for it. Loved this post. Hug B

  2. Love the picture of Adrian and the calf looking at eat other. He looks like a perfect 4h dairy contender here Oh memories of my own children. Thanks.

  3. So precious! I do think you need to frame a few of these shots :)

  4. SO sweet, I love his little coveralls...

  5. The pictures of the children is so much fun, but I find the small farmer with his cows the best!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  6. What fun, so much better than any toy store/mall. Fresh air, animals and passionate people.



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