A Goodbye.

It's been 8 months now since we lost our Harley.  I've felt that I have wanted to write a post about him for sometime, but just haven't wanted to go back and relive those memories.  But, it's good to get past the ending memories and think back to who he was before he was sick.  So with no further ado, meet Harley.

When I met Justin, I found that he also came with a cat. Not just any cat, a "Man cat".  A fluffy cat weighing approximately 21 pounds.  A large, large cat who took to me right away.

A cat who was always, always in the same room as us.
You could do whatever you wanted to him.  Pick him up, lug him around, dress him up.

He slept by us and was always around us.
 We tried out all of our baby products on Harley. He didn't mind.

And he welcomed both of our babies into the world.

He loved all our animals.

And was essentially a part of both of my kids' lives as they grew.

Always close by, that Harley.

He really was a loyal cat who kept us really good company. Cats aren't in our lives forever, surely.  But it's still hard to lose a pet.  I am thankful that Harley had a good life with us.  Now it has been 8 months since we said our goodbyes and I think back of him and smile.  Losing a pet is hard, but the joy they bring us and the memories they leave us with outweigh the heartache, without doubt.  Thankful for the time we had.


  1. No doubt he felt SO loved. That's huge. So glad you had time together.

  2. Harley seemed like such a great cat!! So happy he was such a big part of your lives and so patient to try out the baby gear! :) Very sweet.

  3. Beautifully written Jackie.....

  4. Oh Harley is beautiful and I know it is hard to lose such a close family member. HUGS B

  5. Such precious and priceless photos! He was such a handsome cat and looks like he was a wonderful part of the family. I love how he was involved in everything. Too cute. I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye because that is always the hard part. I'm glad you can now look back on your memories of him with a smile. That always takes time, but it's so nice when you finally get there.



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