The best reading spot.

Remember the chair I re-upholstered last month? (Click here if you missed it.)

Well, that chair has become the prime reading spot. Especially when scooted close to the fire.  If someone's quiet, it very well could be trouble. Or it could be they have re-discovered the favorite chair paired with a favorite book. Just one of us or many of us, it's the best book nook out there. It was worth saving from the dump, that's for sure.


May you cave a bit of time to enjoy your own favorite book nook this weekend. 

A good read is a perfect addition to a weekend.


  1. How I love seeing wee ones with books! ;0)

  2. It's always great to have a "reading spot". I love that your kids are into books, just like Alexis. You can never have enough books!



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