Fire starters.

I realize. This post is happening much too late for some of you.

But in Maine, although the calendar says it's spring and the snow is melting here and there...

 it's clearly still winter.

And so I bring to you, fire starters.  The easiest way to start a fire using things around your house. Dryer lint. Newspaper. Toilet paper tube.
 Stuff lint in the toilet paper tube.
 Wrap contraption in newspaper.

Lights the fire in a jiffy with a flick of a match.

Which is good, because the forecast in Maine is *more snow* this week. So fireside is where we shall be.

Stay warm, friends. Spring weather must be just around the corner.


  1. It is, I promise!
    That's kind of scary when you think about how much lint could be trapped behind the dryer. Good reminder to clean that baby out! Love that you repurpose everyday things for useful tasks!

  2. I remember seeing that on a Extreme Cheapskates on TLC but he didn't wrap it in newspaper as well which is a great idea. If only I had a fireplace. Should I save my toilet paper rolls and dryer lint for Sara and Loren? :)



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