Maine Maple Sunday 2014

Oh Maine Maple Sunday...we love you so.

This year was quite different from years past.  We started with friends over for a pancake brunch.

 And then the kids enjoyed our farm animals and collected the sap from our buckets and inspected what we have been boiling down. Just us, no crowds.

And then we took off to a new Maple Sunday festival-one at our fave farm only half mile from our home.

There were crowds everywhere.  A bit overwhelming, but also exciting that so many people were out to celebrate agriculture and farming.

There were dozens of kids in the barn.  We're lucky that our favorite farmers regularly let us hang in the barn, with no crowds.  My kids seem know the drill there, but of course they needed to see the farm animals again. You know, the neatest thing happened.  One of the draft horses recognized my kids in the crowd.  When good old "Bill" saw them, he lowered his nose directly to them, ignoring everyone else.  He just stayed there with them for a long time, letting them pet him.  The girl who was holding him said "You can tell he knows your kids." It was really neat.

There's a new calf since last week.
Who doesn't love an adorable calf?!
The line for the horse drawn wagon rides was long, so I convinced everyone to go inside.
I am still in awe of their brand new evaporator.  And I might be just a tad jealous. Okay, I am very envious.
 Audra had popcorn.

 Adrian refused. He did not want his face painted. He did not want to get popcorn.
 All he wanted to do was find the farmers and I was ruining his fun.
He did quit pouting long enough to have Maine Made ice cream and maple syrup. But as soon as it was done, you know where he wanted to go. One track mind, that kid.
We finally got back out to the farm and Adrian was determined to wait in one spot for his favorite farmer. I tried to persuade him to do something else, but he wasn't going to budge. I told him his favorite farmer likely would give him a ride another time. He wasn't going to move. We waited a long, long, long time for a wagon ride.  I am *still* cold from that wait, but he did not complain and would not budge.We even waited through a change up of the team (which was very exciting for him).  Sweet girl was so tired that her daddy brought her for a nap, but Farmer Adrian was not going to budge.

When it was finally his turn to go on the wagon, he cut in front of all these people so he could sit right behind his favorite farmer.  Goodness, he loved that ride-seeing all the machinery parked, seeing the different fields and the 750 trees that are tapped.

So all of that was exciting. Very exciting.  When we got off the wagon, the crowds dissipated. Not my farmer. He had to watch them unhitch the horses.  And he was planning on sticking around for chores, "In case the need him."  His favorite farmer summoned him for the most exciting part of the weekend.  For this:
 He got to RIDE the draft horse as they put them back into their stables.  Can you imagine how thrilled he was?! And still is. He just can't believe it.
And he even got to brush him after.
All in all, it was a marvelous day. Many thanks to our friends who put on a great event.  It also was especially nice staying close to home and doing maple things before braving the crowds.  In fact, that part was such fun that we're thinking of opening it up and having a pancake breakfast/experience our animals and sugaring next year for a few more friends. Not a ton, but a few more. Do let us know if your'e interested!

It's a tradition, this Maine Maple Sunday. Here's last year's. I'm sure there will be more adventures next year.  Maple syrup is worth celebrating, perhaps you agree?


  1. How fabulous that the horse knows your kids! Your lil' farmer is so funny. It looks like a wonderful time.

  2. I love that the horse knew your children. I melted reading that! I need my kids around horses. They are such amazing animals!

  3. That's awesome you guys can hang out with the animals...I am jealous!! We went on Saturday and loved it.. my first time there.. Yes, we waited in the cold for a long time for a wagon ride.. it was well worth it!! We meet Bill and Tim.. they were so gentle.. with the kids... Glad Farmer Adrian had a grand time.. he's seems very serious about his farming ways.. !!

  4. What a wonderful day! The wagon ride would have been my favorite... Seeing the tapped trees.. very interesting.. Always such fun at your place.. Blessings!

  5. How very special they let your little farmer become so involved! Oh, I bet he'll talk about that for quite some time. :) Looks like a wonderful time.

  6. Oh wow! What an awesome event! How exciting to be able to "ride" a draft horse. I wonder if horses will be a new obsession and replace the love of tractors... hmmmm.

    Great photos! Thanks so much for sharing.



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