Child Sized Placemats and Napkins

I've done quite a bit of adapting in this house to help these little ones be independent in this kitchen.. Moved most of the dishes down low so they can set the table and unload the dishwasher. Kept a piles of child sized wipes so they can wipe their own table space down after meals.  Moved a laundry basket down low so they can put their wipes in them then after.  Offered child safe knives that they can cut their own fruit for their oatmeal and such.  Filled miniature pitchers of their drinks so they can pour their own into their cup (pictures below of this, I do love my collection of miniature pitchers). Nothing rocket science ranked, but enough changes so that the grown ups are doing all the kitchen work.  These kids really do pull their weight in the kitchen...often without reminders too!  Thankful for that.

We took a five week class. At this class, they had miniature placemats and child sized napkins for snack.  My kids loved them, and they contained dinner mess beautifully as an added bonus.  And a table set with fancy placemats?  Why not? I always do enjoy dining in style anyway.  Since his current fave book is Big Red Barn and hers is Barncat (at the red barn door), a red barn it was. 
They loved them.

And I cleared out a drawer so they can have easy access to their special table linens when setting the table.
Breakfast in style.
And just for fun, here's my miniature pitcher set, perfect for little hands pouring their own milk.  (Many given to us by friends...thank you!  Others bought for a dollar or less at thrift stores).

Bon appetit!


  1. Oh I LOVE them and the little ones with those cute little pitchers what can I say adorable. Hug B

  2. Awww, your placemats are so cute. I like that you're starting your kids early in the kitchen and with housework. I have also tried to do this. No use doing for them the things they could do themselves, right? It teaches them to be contributing members of the family. That's important to me.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I would much rather buy these(since I'm not crafty) then buy the plastic ones that I just did :/

  4. So much cute in this post! I love their little pitchers and the placemats and napkins are just adorable. I love that you are getting them started in the kitchen at a young age and teaching them responsibility. So wonderful :)

  5. Happy memories in the making. I can almost hear it now...mama, remember when you made those special placemats with barns on them? :-) Nice job!



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