Thrifted. Boats. Updates. Fur.

1) Thirfted.
Expensive thrift store again. I was on a search for bigger mittens for growing hands. Brand new Game. Two books for a farmer.  Mittens. Two wooden horse brushes. Letter cookie cut outs (which I've also been looking for.)  $12.00.  Which I would have spent that on the mittens alone if I went to the store.

Another round.
GIANT Wooden bowl. Three crocks. String for an upcoming project.  Puzzle, vintage linens.

2) The bowl. It makes a great boat.

3) Updates. 

-My husband has a new job and almost 3 weeks in between jobs. Wahoo.  Except I was on vacation LAST week, before we knew. 
- I wonder if I'll ever make a little girl dress without needing a seam ripper.  Finished it...and will post it the last Monday of the month, as promised.  A dress a month, dress three done. So far so good.
-It's marvelous that from scratch pancakes is now a quick meal, sometimes even for dinner (like today).  Have you not made them?  Here's the recipe.
-I'm officially tired of the cold. I don't mind a little chill, but the cold that prevents us from enjoying outside.  Not a fan.
-I can't decide the next dessert I want to make.  Problematic. :)
-Oh, and a new project.  Guesses on what I'm making?

4) And Fur..a fur vest to be specific.. You need it to play rice, I'm told.


  1. I love those letter cookie cutters! And that bowl is just the right size. My guess as to your new project - a basket?? I'm sort of clueless!

  2. Oh I love the basket full of cuteness:) Basket is what I guess you are making too?:)
    Love the furry vest. Hug B

  3. Ha ha - the bowl boat is too much. Congrat's to your husband. I'm with Tammy and Buttons - a basket??? I'm making a banana cream pie tonight for our dessert. :)

  4. My mom used to have a bowl like that! It was part of a set actually. The large one is the communal salad bowl and she had six matching individual bowls! So awesome!

    Great finds. I can't wait to see what you're making... a basket perhaps?

    Wishing you a lovely day.



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