Mama Made: Fox Shirt (Free Pattern)

A fox shirt. For my 3 1/2 year old.

It started from his love of the Gingerbread Man. Goodness, we have read that story dozens of times. I was going to make a fox shirt and add a gingerbread man for him. But then he discovered Chicken Little and fell for Foxy Loxy.  And we've been reading that.  Truth be told, foxes are naughty creatures, but they're so intriguing....and they're cute.  So a fox shirt is what I whipped up. Upcycled too. It was a hand-me-down shirt that had a sticker on the front that peeled off. No longer. It's a fox shirt now.
Get your free pattern HERE.
And someone had to admire himself.

 He just couldn't believe it!
(She has her own style too, noticeably.)

 She, of course, wants one too. But I have a dress in the works for you, sweet girl.
 He's quite happy with his fox shirt. And I'm happy he loves another mama made.


  1. Adorable shirt for an adorable boy. Love the wristwatch!

  2. Have I told you what an incredible Mom you are you make such memories for your children and the love shows with every post. Lucky lucky children they are going to grow up to be the best of adults. Happy and confident. HUGS B

  3. What a cute little fox! And I like his camo pants as well. He is stylin!



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