Thrifted. Updates. Randoms.

1) Thrifted.

I hit the motherload of wool, I tell you.  Actually I saw it all, went home and said to myself I didn't need it. I thought about it all night and went back the next day. All of this picture above: 100% wool and angora, for $17.00.  Just one skein has a price tag higher than that.  I'm not much of a knitter, but I do enjoy doll making. So that's what I have in mind for all this.  It's beautiful stuff, I tell you.

And another load...
 A lobster strainer (which I used in our barn play zone for child sized rakes), a couple of doilies for my cousin's wedding, a wooden leaf bowl, a salad dressing jar/bud vase and a latching container (which I am loving these).  $5.50.

And in case you find her stuck in the lobster pot,
 Know that it might be the perfect spot for reading books.

I painted the kitchen. Again. It's a darker color this time around.

My husband has been off of work and has been really helpful with the animals.  Which is great, but I miss being their sole caretaker sometimes.  But then I remember it's cold out there, so I'm thankful.

Our incubator has eggs in it, but there have been two mishaps and I'm pretty confident they won't come out. That's okay, we'll try again.

I bought a fifty pound bag of barley and have ideas.  We shall see how far I get with said ideas.

We've had quite the construction crew around these parts lately, thankful for them.

I have more animals to share with you (that's right, plural), so I really ought to get taking pictures.

And I have a dress made that you'll see on Monday for sweet girl.

Did I say we're itching for spring? Well, we are. Make no mistake about that.

3) Randoms.

He's 3 1/2, but still wants to be a 'roo' (kangaroo) here and there. I don't refuse those requests, let me tell you. Nothing like a baby close to his mama...even if said baby talks in paragraphs and is barely fitting in said carrier.  He doesn't seem to mind and quite frankly, neither do I.


  1. What beautiful wool! That should last you a good, long time!
    Audra in the lobster pot is so precious!
    Enjoy your weekend, Jackie.

  2. Wow!! You really did hit the motherload!!! Audra in the lobster pot made me laugh out loud. Too cute!! And your Roo boy is adorable as always. Get to taking pictures - I can't wait to see the new animals!!! :)

  3. I'm jealous. {of all the yarn you found.} :)



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