Thrifted. Updates.

Another round of thirfteds.

A wooden bathroom set for our dollhouse.  A cross stitched work of art that I'm not sure what to do with.  A cloth carry case stable and five horses...brand new....for sweet girl's birthday. Two leis...also planning ahead for her birthday.  A yard and a half of wool fabric...thinking of that dress making every month project I signed myself up for. $9.00

A couple shows from my childhood that I got excited about.  We haven't even watched them. An butterfly ice cube tray. A Dalmatian my son NEEDED to bring home.  A vintage book that I love. A book FILLED with old postage stamps. Placemats for dinner.

So, this book is a bit comical. It talks about all the 'projects' daddy does and how the kids help them.  The mom waves from the kitchen. My oldest says "We help you do stuff like this, mama." Indeed you do. Such gender roles are long gone.  I love the pictures though.

There's still a tear out in the back, advertising this set...which I picked up at the thirft store a bit ago. Only, I didn't have to mail in four easy payments.  I frequently find my kids curled up and reading this set. It's a quite marvelous collection, if you ever do find it out and about during your travels.

And the stamp book. It's filled with loads of old stamps, some from the 1800s. 

And Dalmatian came to our super quick lunch.


I'm on a granola kick again.

We're counting our pennies and planning for new animals who will (hopefully) call this farm home come spring.

I'm planning further the farm time story hour that will hopefully debut in spring.

I'm organizing seeds.

We're waiting for those temperature to rise so the sap will start flowing.

I am ready for some snow to melt. With the amount of snow and the drifts, our goats can just walk right over their fence with zero effort.  They haven't been outside as much as usual lately.

It's after midnight and my hands are covered in paint.  I've officially gone through close to 15 gallons of paint/primer since moving less than a year and a half ago.  Me, all me.  No one else paints around these parts. Truthfully, I'm not really a fan of painting. However, I do enjoy admiring freshly painted walls. I won't be sad when all is painted, that's for sure.

I'm on vacation this week and have grand plans.  Grand plans of balancing being home and going out and about.  Grand plans of squeezing in a bit of time for projects and creativity if able.  Grand plans of meals to make and desserts to enjoy.  We shall see how much I accomplish. It might be a lot, might be hardly anything.  What I can tell you is I am worried about nothing this week and am going to take each new sunrise as a chance to breathe deeply and enjoy this life I'm blessed with. 


  1. Oh, I love vintage kids' books. What treasures!
    Enjoy your week off. Enjoy being a Momma.

  2. As usual, some really great finds! That stamp book is super cool! Enjoy your week of vacation!

  3. Wow! A whole week off. I hope you have a terrific time what ever you decide to do. Those thrifted items are so interesting, especially the stamp book and vintage children's book. That's funny that your kids do the things with you that we used to do with my dad. :-)

  4. Lovely photos and awesome finds! I love vintage books.

    A whole week off?! Yeeehaw! Enjoy the time my friend.

  5. Yay for being on vacation! I bet you will get a ton of stuff done. I love your thrifted finds! The butterfly ice tray is so cute and that stamp book is awesome. I've always loved stamps. When I was younger and had some pen pals overseas, I loved getting their letters and saving the stamps :)



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