Barn Playzone

Our barn. Remember the tour I gave you of the barn before?
Well, I had visions of making play zone for my kids. Not permanently, likely, as I'm sure our little farmers will be filling this barn.  But for now...why not?  A place to play our of the wind. It's cold, sure, but not as bad as that wind whipping across the field. Anyway, here's some progress:
I probably spent 20 hours or so removing hay, cleaning stuff up and moving things thus far. And how I did that?  Installed these swings.  Sweet girl likes to spend time in the swing by the hour.  I'd do a couple swipes with the pitchfork, push her.  Then repeat.  The toddler swing was a gift (thank you!) but the monkey bars and the two other swings were from the thrift store.  True!  I found a whole swingset in a box at the thrift store. The plans and the swings and all the hardware to make it-brackets, hooks, etc. For $15. Just needed to buy 4x4s to complete the swingset.  Or have a barn with fabulous beams to use some of the stuff. I also have a big slide that a friend got for us (thank you!). I hope to configure a way to set that up too.
This is her *trying* to not fall asleep.  A half "cheese".  And the goats keep us company. They're kept in the back.

Remember our terracotta pots that I set up at our other house?  A fab, inexpensive shelving unit to store their outdoor treasures? That way every stick, stone, leaf, shell, rock, twig, blade of grass, etc. doesn't need to enter our house.  It can be proudly displayed here. And if it's something yucky and slimy, I don't say you can't keep it. I can just say "Oh, this would look spectacular on your shelves in the barn!"  Win-win. Really it is.
And our collection of outdoor trucks are easily assessed here.
A John Deere calendar, given to us by our friends at the feed store, is the perfect decoration, according to a little farmer I know.
He likes John Deere, you know.
So the goats are right there and the coop door is right here.
Their faves are right there to play with us.
Here and there, when she's not swinging...
she digs in too.

I do have quite a bit to sort through still.
This milking parlor could use some work.  I'll get to it, I promise.
But for now, I'm going to celebrate the little things.  This barn isn't completely fixed up quite yet, but it's fixed up enough for running, learning, growing and playing.  For now, that's good enough.


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  2. I love how he hung the John Deer Calendar pages for wall art. They so belong in the barn. What are fun place for all, including goats, dog and chickens.........

  3. Wow! What a great space to play! The swing is a brilliant move! There is SO much learnin' going on there! Enjoy!

  4. Looking great! I love the addition of the swings - would be so much fun. :)

  5. It looks awesome! That really seems like the perfect barn. A place for the animals and the kids! I love all the tractors on the wall as well for your little farmer. And I have to say, I love all the old barn wood! Something about old weathered wood I just adore.

  6. Great job! I see some potential with your pile of stuff! Chippy windows, steel circle...



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