Those chicks...

One thing for sure,

 if these eggs actually hatch, they will have a higher IQ than any other chick out there.
That's for certain.

And when they are such that he can hold them, you better bet there will be a number of similar activities on their agenda their first couple months of life.


 Oh, I'm excited to have another year of baby chicks with my littles. And hopefully this year, sweet girl can be in more pictures (last year she tried to decapitate if left unsupervised for a nanosecond. Needless to say, she is not in very many baby chick photos from last year.)  Feathered fun.  Nothing beats it.


  1. Oh how I've missed your blog this week! You will definitely have some smart chicks this year. I hope with your girl being a little older she will be a little more gentle with the chicks now haha. I know farmer Adrian will be wonderful as usual :)

  2. Adrian has been so dedicated to hand raising his chick's that his chickens are his buddies. I love seeing him holding the grown hens and the way they sometimes look up at him. They are as comfortable with Adrian as Adrian is with them. this kid gets the whole process, what you give is what you get.....

  3. I chuckled through this entire post. So adorable to see all the extra loving care the flock gets. :)

  4. Oh my. He is truly a farmer. Such precious pix.



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