A Moose Hunt. And thrifteds.

We learned about Moose and went on a moose hunt.  That's the type of thing Mainers do.  We didn't see any, but one wore his matching moose coat, which he suspected might attract some moose. Better luck next time.

 (She's totally eating the bait.)

 And thrifteds:
 A big basket for our doll house stuff, a long sleeved shirt, a sweater and a hooded sweat shirt for me, all brand name, a yard of wool and a seagull mug.  $5.50.
 Four book/CD combos, a couple patterns that I just couldn't pass up a couple fall books and all that vintage fabric. Yards of it. Squee!!!  $6.00

And this boy, he promises to protect her from any moose they might see in the near future.  It could happen.  Their dad saw one just last week on the way to work.  Must keep our eyes open at all times. 

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