"You're going to be busy, Mama."

That's what my 4 year old told me, "You're going to be busy, Mama."

Indeed.  I am.

This is exactly one half of the pears I just collected.  Generous neighbors.  This is the second round of pears this year, a 4-H mom gave me 4 paper grocery bags filled.

And now I have the equivalent of 7 five gallon buckets to process.

Two down, five to go.

If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen for the next month.

And come February, I'll be so incredibly thankful we have preserved fresh picked to eat.  Thankful, for sure.


  1. Oh I love your kids. Have fun You are going to be busy. Hug B

  2. Guess I know what you'll be doing this weekend. Enjoy the bounty!

  3. Beautiful bounty of pears! You are definitely going to be busy!



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