Well, I guess tidying isn't the word. It's more like emptying.  I'm going room by room and just taking things away. Not that anyone is in trouble, but just to simplify.  Sometimes our stuff gets messy and no one wants to clean it up. I think that's because we have too much stuff out that it doesn't seem manageable.

So I've been going room by room. Boxing things up, putting things away. No more than 3 stuffed animals in the bedrooms. 90% of the toys away with just a few options out. Taking away 3/4 of the clothes.  Simplifying.

At first, Adrian was furious with me. He hates change.  But then he said "Mama, thank you for putting all my clothes away so I can always shut my dresser drawer now easy."  And he knows about trading: "Mama, I'm done with these, let's switch it up."

Although he was hesitant, he totally is starting to see the value of less.  And playing. They are playing so nicely now. Much deeper play. Behavior has been better.  It's really such a good switch.

Here's their art area. I took everything away except for crayons, a pencil, stencils and a few pieces of paper available. That's it.

Better play, more focused, beautiful art. 

I'm going to keep going, room by room. And by the time I'm done, I'll probably have to do it all over again.  It's hard work simplifying, but the results are well worth the effort.


  1. Simplifying sounds like a great idea to me! I am going to incorporate that here!

  2. We've been downsizing for years. It really helps overall, less stuff to manage, clean and store. I see people with huge collections of stuff, so much stuff they forget what they even have! My hubby deep cleaned his closet and drawers yesterday, and unearthed all kids of stuff. Lots of donations out the door :) Let someone else use them...



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