Ooo, look what I found!  Wooden handmade in VT. Swoon!!!

They are these cute little serving trays. Perfect for picnics, for carrying our lunch to the sunporch. Or for crafting. Now I know I sometimes may have "unique" tastes....but these were the half off tag because they had been there so long. Fifty cents a piece?! Score!  Ad that to some more Usborne books (love those!), a metal top (how have we never had one?) and some small traffic cones (for very important farming work.) $6.00

I just love these little trays for little hands crafting.

(Always farming equipment handy, you know, in case of an emergency. One can never be too prepared.)

And other adventures.   Two wool skirts. A wooden Christmas rocker, a cow bowl (for you know who), a ten cents pattern I couldn't pass up and two bib overall snow pants (one in this size, one a size up). $5.50.
And another Dinosaur book (love those), all of our very favorite book of all time right now (awesome pictures and story "Time for the Fair"), more Richard Scarry, a wooden tow truck and an xylophone. $6.00
Now your turn. Tell me your latest deal!


  1. I love the Dinosaur books! (as you know!) The trays are just fabulous. I'm sad to say someone in my state must have let them go. Glad you snagged them. They are really beautiful!

  2. Cute trays, maybe for cheeses or? Love the Teague books, have them all in my library at work...

  3. Love those trays! Great wool skirts and the snow pants are a fantastic find!

  4. What awesome finds but those trays are completely AMAZING!

    Thanks for sharing.



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