Before the storm...

Although I don't watch the news or keep up with the weather, I had this pull to make sure we were winter ready the last couple days before the storm.  We picked sticks for kindling, we put things away, we tidied, making sure things were not randomly left out, we got as much wood as possible in the woodshed, we covered that which was left for wood outside. Good thing, as this snow is a thick blanket and we possibly will not see the ground until spring now.

Seriously, this kid is the BEST helper with wood. I took a break to go for a quick 3mile run.  He kept stacking the whole time I was gone.
 And she? Well, she's 'helpful' in a way that isn't as helpful as one might want at times.

The biggest sigh of relief just before the storm, was our amazing contractors fixed this side of the barn. I had a great deal of fear that it might fall in this winter.  Thanks to their efforts, it should stand firm.

 Good thing they had this little guy....who was willing to 'help' with whatever needed helping. He liked eating lunch with his construction boys, too.
I also squeezed in an awesome family portrait session with an amazing family.  So much fun.  I loved dozens of the pictures...but alas, they aren't mine to share.

And just for fun, a few of my fave shots from before the snow.


Memories, oh sweet memories.  Now that we have a fresh blanket of white, we have so many more memories awaiting for us to make.  Embrace the seasons. There's a whole lot of good in the seasons. <3

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