Randoms. Thrifted. More randoms.

And more greetings.

Consignment thrifteds (which I sold stuff and made way more than I spent, so score!). Each lot is $4-$7. That's it.  Saving for Christmas and birthdays....and some are good language learning tools for my little work friends (I'm a pediatric speech language pathologist, if you didn't know that already). 
 Four stencils. Melissa and Doug wooden car drop (1-2-3 GO!), John Deere and animals (which I've had enough of, but I know this is the one present my little guy will ask for come Christmas...so there...it's bought...for cheap).
 Weather proof kids mittens, rhyming game, wooden moose, magnetic animals and animal puzzle (most of this stuff for work).
 Again, most of this stuff for work: Ball drop, a couple new games, wooden connect four, mini purse that matches mine and mini work gloves for the little spitfire in our family.
 Brand new wooden beads, "The Original Toy Company" pop up toy and movies I enjoyed as a kid that I may let my kids watch, you know, before they graduate from high school. 

Go ahead and call me a mean mama, but we have plenty of time for videos later. For now, there's work to be done...
 And we need to still soak up the little bit of nice fall weather we have before it's gone.


  1. Wonderful finds you are so good at this. Oh the kids look so happy they bring a smile to my face every time. Hug B

  2. Hen!

    Also, we had those stencils growing up - they're the best! So sturdy.



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