Just this weekend, we woke up to a white out.
 My kids couldn't wait to get out there.
 Particularly him. He's been asking for snow since April.
Having it come reminded me of my list entitled "Things to do before snow". There's still plenty on that list that hasn't been accomplished.  Anyway, the snow was beautiful. It's mostly gone now. 
 From what I understand, the town I grew up in and the town I went to college in have a plethora of snow right now.
 Given we live in Maine, snow is a certainty. 
 Thankful to have this little teaser of fun times to come and thankful it has melted so I can (hopefully)  accomplish those last few things that I meant to do before snow, but haven't.
How about you? How much snow is in your backyard now?


  1. Snow??? Only in my dreams! Enjoy!

  2. No snow. We live in the Netherlands and usually we get snow in winter and not in fall. But the sky looked like it was going to snow today, but since it still was 50F outside it was mist and no snow that we felt. We hope to get some snow this winter, we want to sled!

  3. Looks like fun! No snow here yet. I need to start checking things off my 'to do before it snows' list as well.

  4. 8" of scrunched up snow, but more on the way Saturday :)



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