Three Season Porch

So...this three season porch.  It's marvelous.  For warm weather living, there's floor to ceiling screens.  It's no longer warm weather living in it's been on the to do list for some time to get the screens out and the walls and the windows in.

Now, this set up is likely a century old.  It's heavy, labor intensive and has to be just perfect to fit. Lots of shimmying, pushing and squeezing to get it to fit.  The first time we did it, my dad and husband spent the entire day on it. Last year, my husband and I did it and it took more than half the day (and I shall never forget that time...for I was climbing ladders, holding windows, fastening hooks, with a baby on my back).  This year, with the help of our farm truck, amazing husband/wife teamwork and shoving snacks at the kids to keep them back, we did the whole thing in just over 2 hours. 

I'd say that deserves cake. I may or may not have made cake to celebrate.  Totally justified, don't you think?

Anyway, I have so many ideas for out here and haven't taken the time or made the effort to complete my vision for the porch.

It's not done, there's more I want to do, but it's comfortable, a great space to play and used now the screens are gone. It's amazing, as on sunny days, the temperature is often warmer than in our house.  Perfect spot to get a little warmth in the winter and it will serve as our greenhouse to start our seedlings come spring. 

It's a huge area. Big enough for a living space...
And a dining space.

Oh this wooden tray! I was so excited when I found it.  It was this summer, I think it was $10.00. Thrifted, naturally. A little splurge for myself.
It's huge (as in my kids wanted to pretend it was their boat), wooden and even more important than collecting  miscellaneous things, it's a marvelous serving tray to carry the plates and such from the kitchen to the porch.
More than anything...this space is so great to play in.

(She doesn't mind living on the dangerous side. She was trying to hold onto the horse and jump with it up and down.)
So, in your travels, plan to meet us on this porch. It will keep us warm on sunny winter days and we can enjoy a spot of tea as our children try to give us heart attacks doing dangerous things on the trampoline. All in all, this really is a fab room.



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