Random Thankfulness

Of course, my husband and kids.

But, beyond that...our pets. All of them. But especially this calm, loving, patient and dependable dog.

 The usefulness of goats.  We have a pasture that looked a lot like this.
 And look what the goats have done.  We are having a little work done to our barn. These goats saved all of us lots of time.
 This truck.  It's so nice to be able to get big things, load wood and move things. And the manure....oh the manure!  We can transport manure to our garden now from other farms...farms that have more poop than us. I'm so excited for next year's garden.
 And being home. We have a busy morning this morning.  However, this afternoon....we will be home, reading, playing, creating. Home is right where we belong, there's not another place that makes us happier.

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