It's crazy to think the day before yesterday, we were trying out this beast. 
 Well, three of us were. The fourth, napping.  We all know better than to mess with naps.
 My husband was getting quotes left and right from dealerships for something that would remove th snow and mow the lawn. Along comes stealthy wife, with a great ad from craiglist. Only used a couple times for a HUGE chunk off the original price. Brand new vs. slightly used.  Used, hands down.
 And then boom....the next day...no more grass and just this.  Green vs. white. The white won.
 While our little guy spent more than an hour shoveling a path to his animals and a path to our garage (his own idea!), he petered out when he hit the driveway. Rightly so...there was a lot of snow. After they went to bed, attempts were made to use the snowblower, unsuccessfully. Power went out. We were feeling defeated.  We gave up and went to bed.  Adult calmness vs. Adult temper tantrum.  Well, it wasn't quite a temper tantrum, but basically the beginnings of one, yeah that's what won.
 But then, the beauty of the morning...so stunning.

 Inside or outside? Stay inside by the fire or enjoy the beauty? Finally outside won.
 Thankful I did, it was so beautiful.

 Although I must admit...pajamas vs. actually getting dressed...  Pajamas won.  (And how about my brand new boots? ...Never even worn, perfect tread.... thrifted for $5.00. Much cheaper than the LL Bean ones I was planning on getting. Score.)
Complete failures vs. success.  With a little less stress, prayers and a whole lot of patience, success won in the end.

I realize this post is scattered.  But that's how we were feeling with this storm.  With the snow, the power, the learning curve of something new, a house to worry about, two kids to look after and a Thanksgiving meal to make.... we weren't ready for all these curves. Every decision felt like we were contemplating and we felt conflicted. Which is silly, as we do live in Maine and we should be more prepared.

Sometimes it's good to take a deep breath, step away and then try again.  When we do that, things really do change lots of time. And when they do, things are wrapped up before you even know it sometimes.

Which is good, as less anxiety, frustrations and impatience leads to more time to just enjoy and be thankful for the day.  I guess our little bout of bad day blues was good, as once it turned around, we really saw how thankful we are.


 I still have a few days off of work.

I'm going to remind myself to push aside those adult decisions so I can fully embrace being where I it matters, home with my littles.



  1. You are right focus on what is truly important and you are doing that well. You have quite the little helper there. Hardworking. Photos are beautiful. Take care. Hug B

  2. A winter wonderland! Great idea with the mower/blower/plow. Losing power stinks, hopefully you guys have a wood stove or backup heat?



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