Itch to Stitch: Dress 10

Keeping my goal going of a dress a month....

Dress one: Here.
Dress two: Here.
Dress three: Here
Dress four: Here.
Dress five: Here.
Dress six: Here.

Dress seven: Here.
Dress eight: Here.
Dress 9

And here is the skirt 10 before:
 (Don't hate me for cutting this up. It's a woolen one, from Ireland. I just love a warm woolen dress for sweet girl in this cold farmhouse.  It was a thrifted score for $2.00.  You know how expensive wool is in the store? Expensive.)
 Anyway, here it is, dress 10!
 And here's my model.
 Who is much too busy to stand still for the camera.

 This lamb is mine from childhood. My dad came and dumped gave me all of these old stuffed animals from my childhood. She totes this thing around. She wants a real lamb. Happy she is happy with this one for now.

 I guess it makes a good bread selling outfit as well.
 Dress 10 done for the year. Two more to meet my goal!


  1. I have not visited here in far too long! A couple things right off the bat -
    1) I love love love your new header photo
    2) Is that seriously your girl?! She is so tall! That can't be her! I'm in shock.
    3) I love that your kids still have their roadside bread stand!
    4) What a cute dress!
    It's a cold, rainy night and had the itch to visit one of my long lost blogging friends so had to stop by. I hope you guys have been well - looks like you have :)

  2. I think this is my favorite one yet. Love it Jackie!



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